Video Conference between YE Smith Students and Red Bricks School Students in Ahmedabad, India

Student share across the miles to Ahmedabad, India

Student share across the miles to Ahmedabad, India

New Friends

New Friends

Friday, March 20, 2015

For the second year, eight students (ages 10-13) and their teachers from Red Bricks School in Ahmedabad, India had a chance to meet with their counterparts from Victoria Robinson’s AG students at YE Smith on Friday 20 March in Duke Corporate Education’s Lucky Strike Building.  Leveraging corporate communication technology the students were connected via video conference to the India office, headed by Nikhil Raval.  After an introduction, student’s paired up and chatted about mutual interests: recess, pets and family.  The YE Smith students made a presentation “This is NC” sharing an overview of their state including iconic landmarks such as Kitty Hawk and Hatteras lighthouse.  The Red Bricks school students presented, “A day in the Life of Red Bricks School kids,” an enlightening look at their school day.   One student shared his favorite recipe for celery and peanuts.  The YE Smith students were struck with the similarities, most of the Red Brick students studied Spanish in addition to their native language and English, and marveled at the differences, such as elephants used as transportation and held sacred in Ahmedabad.

The Rotary Club of Durham shared a story focused on Rotary’s 4 Way Test of values.  Jen Noble was fabulous with the kids from YE Smith and India as she prepared and shared the apple dumpling recipe from the Rotary kids book Andy and Elmer’s Apple Dumpling Adventure.  Don was very helpful in getting the room set up and working the technology during the reading.

Vandana came to help kick things off with a nice traditional Indian greeting with our new friends in Ahmedabad’s Red Bricks School.

It was interesting to learn that the Red Bricks kids learn Spanish as well as English and their native language in school.  Equally insightful, every student said that reading is something they liked to do in their free time.  They also loved going to school.  Jen was taken with one kid who aspired to be a chef.  The NC kids shared some insights about the state and they did very well.

Letisha Judd, principal of YE Smith was in attendance and commented “this is a great experience for our kids and YE Smith, now an international school!”    The effort is a partnership between Duke Corporate Education’s ongoing efforts to Engage Durham and three-year old Rotary’s Reading Rangers, an ongoing commitment to help Durham meet literacy objectives in this Centennial year of the Durham Rotary club.    The overarching idea is promote peace through understanding and interaction between various cultures.


Jen instructs on Apple Dumpling techniques

Jen instructs on Apple Dumpling techniques

Yum Yum - Thank you Jen

Yum Yum – Thank you Jen


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