Rotary Against Drugs Speech Winner Shaza Gaballah

ShazaWebShaza Gaballah did our club proud by winning the District 7710 Rotary Against Drugs speech contest and then last Sunday winning the multi-district contest.

Thanks to sponsor Melissa Mills, we got to hear the winning speech at last week’s meeting. She proclaimed at the outset that, “This is a generation that has stopped caring.” OK, Shaza, you have our attention. She went on to describe her efforts to combat that trend. She founded a club at the School of Science and Math that tries to help people struggling with substance abuse to get help, raising money to support their treatment.

Our club can’t be accused of apathy, so Shaza’s inspiring proactive response to a problem among her peer group makes her a worthy representative. Her speech got a much-deserved standing ovation, something President Don noted isn’t exactly par for the course: “This is a tough room.”

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