North Durham Rotary Does Coffee Sale Again

Greetings! My North Durham Rotary Club is again selling Fair Trade Certified and organic Green Mountain Coffees to raise money for helping “to provide clean water to coffee producing countries. Countries where 30,000 people per day die due to water-related illnesses.” It’s called 5(4)H2O {Five for water = web:}. So far 6 countries have benefited from these efforts to provide clean water: Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Bolivia, Haiti & Honduras.

These are the 4 coffees available:

1. Organic House Blend – A hearty blend of medium and dark roasts. Deep, rich, and full-bodied.
2-. Organic Sumatran Reserve – Exotically lush, sweet, and heavy-bodied, born in the mountains of Indonesia.
3. Rain Forest Nut – A subtly sweet, delightful coffee with tastes of vanilla, caramel, cashew, and Brazil nuts.
4. Organic House Blend Decaf – This decaf blend of light and dark roasts has a full, mellow flavor and a smooth finish.

Can’t you smell the coffee brewing now! Ummmmm So Gooooooood To The Last Drop! No, Virginia, it’s not your mother’s/grandmother’s Maxwell House Coffee.

I am taking orders and filling them as fast as I get an order. We just received 2 cases of mixed flavors, or 48 bags to begin with. Can I count on you to get some from me? I will try to make whatever possible/acceptable accommodations I can to help get them to you ASAP.

They make great Christmas/Holiday gifts, especially to business offices, etc.; don’t you personally want a cup of this coffee brewed, especially after Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the 27th of November, which is now called Giving Tuesday. Will North Durham Rotary Club be a beneficiary along with The Rotary Foundation’s Donor Advised Fund and Rotary International who’ll help w/these countries for Water Projects?(What you may not know is that “Giving Tuesday” is launching as a national day dedicated to giving. This year, Giving Tuesday will be on 27 November, dedicated to creating a day for everyone to celebrate and encourage charitable contributions that support communities in need. The Rotary Foundation hopes to be one of the many charities helping to improve the lives of those in need by accepting contributions on “Giving Tuesday.”)

And the cost is a meager $10.00/bag. So how many can I count on you for? Ask your friends. Cash or checks payable to: The North Durham Rotary Club.

My contact information is as follows: email or cell best way to reach me.

Jim Leak: Email:

Home: 919-490-6151 Cell: 919-630-1548

Your help and purchase will be greatly appreciated.

Yours in Rotary Service,

Jim Leak – North Durham Rotary Club

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