Auction – 42nd Street at DPAC

Todd Taylor AprilChief Reading Ranger Todd Taylor auctioned off two tickets to a performance of 42nd Street at DPAC donated by Meg Solera. And the winner was Jodee Nimerichter, who perhaps wanted to just enjoy a performance instead of just worrying about it. Congratulations Jodee!

Paul Harris Fellow – Ann Evans

Dallas April 22Having returned from here work in the South Sudan, Ann Evans was presented her Paul Harris Award by Foundation Chair Dallas Stallings. Congratulations Ann and welcome back.

New Member Reception

Past President Vandana Dake and her firm Alliance Architecture hosted the annual new member reception at their offices in Downtown Durham. No one had to stop and get dinner on the way home and  no one left thirsty.  New friends were made and a good time was had by all.

Rotary Minute: Tracy Mancini

Tracy Mancini

A not so short Tracy Mancini delivers her Rotary Minute. In her own words…

For my Rotary Minute, in honor of the upcoming Mother’s Day holiday, I would like to talk about one of the reasons I give, and that is because of my mother and the example she set for me, though I was a little bit slow to see it.

I am the tallest woman in my all-Italian family.  My mother and her two sisters, my sister and my four female first cousins all range from 4’8” to 5’2″.  I TOWER over all of them at 5′ 3 and a quarter.  But I have come to appreciate that my small mother has pretty large shoes to fill.

Born to Philomena Tortu, who suffered untreatable asthma, and Vincent Faragalli, the chief of police in their small town of Bristol Borough in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, my mother Dorothy (or Dottie, as her friends called her) was the oldest of three daughters. When her mother died at age 37, my mother, age 15, was left in charge of raising her 10 and 4 year old sisters while her father worked the long hours required of his job.  When my mother graduated from high school, she didn’t go far to Temple University’s school of nursing to become a registered nurse.

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Program Report: Shelly Green and the DCVB

Shelly Bill Jodee Moog

Pictured above are Shelly Green, President of the DCVB and Durham Rotary Vice President, Rotarian Bill Kalkhof of ACC Baseball and Marisa Brickman of Moogfest. 

Club Vice President Shelly Green clearly digs her day job.

Most of us know that.

If you are a newbie to the club or city, and you showed up at Monday’s joint meeting with the RTP club, then you now understand why Green likes her work.

She appeared in her longtime capacity as president & CEO of the Durham Convention and Visitors Bureau. She highlighted the impact of more than 7,000 annual events and 100 festivals that are driving growth in travel and tourism in Durham to levels that long-timers could have never imagined not so long ago.

Latest-available figures, Green reported, show that travel and tourism are supporting nearly 14,000 jobs and more than $400 million in wages. Our community hosted more than 9.3 million visitors in 2014. Spending exceeded $800 million. Visitors generated more than $90 million in state and local tax receipts in 2014, an increase over 2012 approaching 10 percent.

In the national media, we see a lot about cultural, culinary, artistic and entrepreneurial activities in Durham. Flattering feature stories and photographs that are colorful, that make you want to go there, don’t always feature the dry economic figures that make pulse rates rise locally at chambers and convention and visitor bureaus.

Green, who was introduced by Seth Jernigan, set the stage for individual presentations by Bill Kalkhof on the ACC baseball tournament; by Jodee Nimerichter, director of the American Dance Festival; by Cicely Mitchell, president and co-founder of Art of Cool; and by Marisa Brickman, festival director of Moogfest.

Said Kalkhof of the ACC baseball tournament, now in year two of a four-year commitment to Durham: “The goal is to move people across the tracks to get them to experience Durham and to make Durham the permanent home of ACC Baseball. Please help us just by coming out.”

Said Nimerichter of the ADF: “Modern Dance is like ice cream. There are all sorts of different flavors and it offers something for everyone. ”

Said Mitchell of Art of Cool: “We are on a mission to expand the audience for jazz.”

Said Brickman of Moogfest, now in Durham from Asheville: “We’ll be here forever.”

In short, if you dig Durham, and you’ve got a pulse, it went up Monday.

And if you were feeling a little blue about HB2, there was much presented to generate economic and cultural optimism in Durham. Shelly Green and other talented people who dig their day jobs are on the case.

If you need a link to find more about these and all Durham events go to

(Submitted by Mark Lazenby)

Upcoming Program and Bulletin – May 2, 2016


RTP Club President

Pictures of the week: RTP Rotary Club President Andrew Kerr addresses our Club as during their Club’s visit for our April 25 meeting. He noted the RTP Clubs growth and in another example of the strength of Rotary in the Triangle and cooperation among clubs.

Rotary — Bulletin — 5-2-2016 (PDF)

May 2, 2016 The Proposed Durham Loop – Around We Go – A Panel Discussion

Matt Gladdek with captionMatt Gladdeck, DDI, Moderator: Bob Chapman, Developer – Panelist: Wesley Parham, City – Panelist.

Introduction: Arthur Rogers and Rob Everett

May 9, 2016 Councilman Steve Schewel – Affordable Housing in Durham Pt. 2 Forging a Plan

Introduction: Rob Everett

May 16, 2016 Hank Scherich – Measurement Inc.

Introduction Lois Deloatch

May 23, 2016 OFFSITE – Dr. Edward Buckley – Duke Eye Center (Aeri Auditorium)

Introduction: Judge Craig Brown and Don Stanger

May 30, 2016 NO MEETING – Memorial Day