Program Report – Kaleidoscope Club Assembly

As we bid a fond adieu to Lois Deloatch, we are delighted to welcome B.C. Dash as the next President of the Durham Rotary Club. A member for over 15 years, B.C. has been a tour de force in global relief efforts, partnering often with Rotary International to help eradicate polio, increase access to water and food, and bring education to isolated areas around the world. Monday’s program was an overview and a reminder of the “Kaleidoscope of Service” opportunities that are available to our members both abroad and at home.

Color-coded tables were set up to represent the different focus areas of service: Club, Community, International, Vocational, and Youth. B.C. explained that the board has been recently evaluating the spectrum of volunteer activities with a critical eye, asking “What are we doing right? What can we take away from this analysis to help us do things better?”

Our own Past District Governor Newman Aguiar pointed out that, due to the way Rotary is structured, there are basically three levels of impact: the club, the district, and the zone. Each service activity may benefit the local community (Club); the region (District 7710, comprised of 46 clubs in the Triangle and surrounding areas); or the world (Zone 33, Rotary International, and/or The Rotary Foundation). Members may recall Newman’s ongoing calls to local and global service during his tenure.

Jay Zenner added that, in order to effectively spread the word about good deeds performed by Rotarians, he needs volunteers from each group or committee to provide him with regular updates about service activities, responsibilities, and officers so he can post news to the website. In addition, he hopes more information will support better networking opportunities for members and their respective business interests. He thanked Emily Egge and Katie Wyatt for volunteering to take over the Club’s Facebook page, and gave a shout out to Mark Lazenby for his assistance with press releases and event publicity.

Other members were invited to the lectern to share insights about our club and its role in the community. Susan Ross noted that the strong presence of non-profits among our membership is key to our mission. Guy Solie reminded members about the incoming “class” of three new Innovation Fellows. Marge Nordstrom spoke of some of our social events such as Progressive Dinners, Rotary After Hours, Wine Dinners at Nana’s, and EDCI/Night at the DPAC, saying “they provide a great chance to get to know your fellow Rotarians.”

Blake Strayhorn hopes to collaborate with Durham Rotary to build a seventh Habitat for Humanity home in the near future. Steed Rollins spoke of the responsibility of the Programs Committee “to deliver balanced, interesting, and also informative” speakers in business, education, and non-profits. Vandana Dake insists the International Service committee “is the coolest of all, mostly because we have plenty of wine at our meetings.” On a more serious note, she added, “we cannot isolate ourselves from what is going on in the world – it makes these local and global projects, these community and international partnerships, even more valuable and relevant.”

Harvey Sellner wrapped up the program by talking about an international project taking place in the lakes area of Cambodia, where Rotarians are providing latrines, water filters, and sanitation training for new mothers in 25 of 75 health clinics there, with the assistance of one of our Rotary Peace Scholars.

As I returned to work, I remembered attending my first meeting at the invitation of Barker French. He asked me, “Why aren’t you a member of our club?” When the group adjourned that day, I asked myself the same question: “Why not, indeed?” Monday’s program, like so many interactions with my esteemed fellow Rotarians, affirmed my decision once again.

Submitted by: Carver C. Weaver

Upcoming Program Schedule and Bulletin


Pic of the Week- That’s EDCI’s David Reese with the long arm taking a selfie with some of the kids, Past President Vandana Dake and other volunteers getting a little summer activity at the STEAM camp at Maureen Joy school. 

Rotary — Bulletin — 7-25-2016 (PDF)


 Introduction: Don Stanger; Meg Solera


Introduction: Brady Surles


Introduction: Nancy Gordon


Introduction: Danielle Kaspar


Introduction: B. C. Dash


Introduction: Tom Bonfield

SEPTEMBER 5, 2016 NO MEETING!! In Observance of The Labor Day Holiday

Fill the Bus 2016


It’s that time of year again. We’re in the middle of summer but teachers all over Durham are planning classroom activities and hoping that not too much has to come out of their own pockets to make sure all their students have the supplies they need to be successful in school.

The big day is Saturday, August 20 at the same location at South Square between Sam’s Club and Office Depot. Use the Sign-up Genius link to sign up to volunteer on the big day. The link will be in the side-bar on the right until the event or they have enough volunteers. Wear your sunscreen and come on out and help.

Click HERE to sign up.

The organization sponsoring this effort, Crayons2Calculators is planning their biggest drive yet. The goal for 2016 is $135,000 worth of school supplies. You can help by hosting a collection bin at your business, association or neighborhood. The C2C website is HERE.

Another closely related event is the New Teacher Giveaway the following weekend on August 27 at the C2C warehouse on Holloway Street. This means they are giving new teachers first dibs on the supplies gathered, not giving away a new teacher. Welcome to your new world! Click HERE to sign up.

To print copies of the C2C flyer pictured above to distribute to co-worker, friends, neighbors and strangers. click HERE.  It’s in pdf format that you can also forward by email.  Something else…paste the link to this post on Facebook. Let’s blow the doors off that bus!

The pictures are from last year’s Fill the Bus event.


Take a Kid to the Ballgame

Kid to the BallgameLast year, over 400 young people from under-privileged families had a memorable time at a Durham Bulls game. They were accompanied by 130 Rotarians and their families from across the district.

Many members have mentioned that this event is not only a lot of fun, but the smiles on the children’s faces is heart-warming.

Order tickets for your family and sponsor one or two children also to attend. Come see players in the minor leagues, before they get called up to “The Show” to play in the Majors.

Sunday, August 7, 2016
5:00 pm
Durham Bulls Athletic Park, Durham
Durham Bulls vs. Gwinnett Braves
Tickets are $30 per person and includes a ticket and a meal.
Tickets need to be ordered and paid for by Fri July 22, 2016.
To place your order for tickets or for more information contact:
Xavier Wortham, at or 919-690-2750.

Invocation for the New Rotary Year

Dallas 1st mtg web

Editor’s note:  As this is being posted the news of another murder of police in Baton Rouge is reaching us making Rotarian Dallas Stalling’s Invocation at the Club’s first meeting of the new Rotary Year even more poignant. 

GUIDING SPIRIT,  new beginnings are very important to us whether in a club such as ours or in the face of yet another wound to our National Spirit so recently experienced.  For our Club, we ask blessings for a new Rotary year of “Service Self”,” for our new president B. C., and for the new opportunities to make a difference here in our community and in the world at large where we attempt to live up to the organizing Spirit of our Rotary Foundation one hundred years ago this year: “Doing good in the world.”  May our efforts to fulfill that motto reach new heights for building a better, more secured world where all creation works in harmony to build a better, more affirming society.

We also recognize today that our National Spirit has once again been wounded beyond belief and that we have found members of our society pitted against one another in distressing and harmful ways in places like Orlando, Baton Rouge, Falcon Heights, Minn., Dallas, and yes, far too often in the streets of our own city as happened again this past weekend.  We have once more seen our capacity for fear of one another to guide our actions and behavior.

Unjustified and misplaced fears have broken our spirits and brought tragedy, broken hearts, miserable living conditions and a reduced resolve to see the best in each other rather than finding ways to overcome the fears that blind us to the natural good that lives inside us.  So we also seek today a new beginning for a safer and more sane society. Where there is fear of color, build within us a Spirit of color blindness.

Where there is suspicion, allow us to try first to see the good intent within the human heart.  Where there is partisan divide, build within us the ability for compromise for the good of all.  Where there are careless and inhuman causes of suffering, give us the strength to overcome it with acts of love and charity.  Where there is strife, make us instruments of peace.

GUIDING SPIRIT, enable us to move through our biases like a pyramid … working first to understand our own motivations for our behavior and then to strive to understand, appreciate, support and respect each other until we find our differences narrowing, our love for each other growing as we reach the pinnacle of that pyramid and find an ultimate peace worthy of people who no longer live in fear, but in peace and harmony….”Doing good in our world…” a peacefulness that cast out all fear.

Our prayer, then, is that we choose a new beginning of peace and that that peace can and will begin with us and spread throughout our community and ultimately throughout our larger world in healing and supportive ways.      Amen.

Stanger-Feldman Habitat Home Dedication

Don Habitat

Many Rotarians joined Past President Don Stanger and his co-sponsor Paul Feldman and their wives Bettina and Maria at the dedication of another Habitat Home. The two c0-sponsors and their spouses flank the new homeowner Dan Allums and his daughter Juliet. The celebrants on the ground include Habitat CEO and Rotarian Blake  Strayhorn, Rotary President BC Dash and his wife Asha, Immediate Past President Lois Deloatch who is standing with is Margaret Rubiera, whose husband Miguel is sitting on the steps. Miguel is a former Rotarian and President of Durham Habitat. Rotarian Dallas Stallings is also visible on the porch. Rotarians Jay Mosley and  his wife Candace were also there but not visible. Also there and maybe taking the picture is Habitat Development Director Roxanne Hall Little.

Many will also recall that Dr. Feldman as addressed the Club twice, first when he was with Glaxo-Smithkline and this February when he reporting on an innovative diabetes treatment that his company is developing based on a cast off project of GSK. See the write-ups here.Don Habitat quarter round

Anyone who thought that Don’s support for Habitat is just stroking a check occasionally should know that he chaired the organization’s board for several years and also wears his toolbelt and will get down and install quarter round with the best trim carpenter. (That last thing is the only exaggeration in that sentence.)