Rotary Minute: Kim Cameron

Editor’s Note: Kim Cameron’s Rotary Minute is worth publishing in full. Thanks Kim.


Paul Harris Fellow: MaryAnn Black

MaryAnneBlackPHFWebDallas Stallings presents a Paul Harris Plus 1 to MaryAnn Black who also recently contributed $1,000 for a Paul Harris Fellowship Award for her son.

Rotary Minute: Melissa Mills

Melissa2MinutewebWhen I had to miss last Monday’s meeting and didn’t get a chance to take any notes on Melissa Mills’ Rotary Minute I emailed her to gets some details and tease her about this being her second Rotary Minute, the last one coming over two years ago. Her response is below.

“I gave a one minute talk to model that the Rotary Minute was supposed to be a minute.

“I started by saying I was from Chicago, but didn’t have a Chicago accent, and that I have lived in Boston, but don’t have a Boston accent.  However, I know about “bananers.”   On the other hand, when someone said “caaa” (for “car”) I was wondering where the crows were.

“I said that I was responsible for scheduling the Rotary Invocation and the Rotary Minute, and was behind and had gotten behind in my work so had to schedule myself in.

“I said the Rotary Minute wasn’t to tell my life story, but rather for me to say something about what Rotary meant to me.  The Rotary minute is only supposed to be a minute.

“I said, to me Rotary is “Service Above Self” and what “Service Above Self” means to me is that I am willing to risk being a fool – by committing to do more than I am able to do.  For example, I was late turning in my Centennial committee work to Don Stanger.  I am behind in scheduling the Rotary minutes.  And too many other things to bore folks with.  There is a real risk in getting over-committed, because I don’t want to let others down.  Communication is important to let folks know what’s going on.  The whole thing is a matter of balance.  That’s what makes it fun.

“The end.”

Her writing is as charming as her in person persona, IMHO.

Submitted by Jay Zenner

New Members October


Five new members were inducted on October 20. Left to right are new member Emilee Collins sponsored by Blake Strayhorn, new member Renee Leverty sponsored by Treat Harvey, new member Robert Hunt sponsored by Sheridan Van Wagenberg, and new member George Quick sponsored by Brenda Howerton.

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