Program Report: Veterans Day – Retired Colonel Joe Beasley

BeasleyVetDayWebThere were three components to the Veterans Day Program this year.  First, President Vandana got the best voices in the club together to lead the meeting in a verse of the anthem of each of the services while the vets from each stood, enhancing the traditional recognition with music.

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Rotary Minute: Steed Rollins


Editor’s note: Steed Rollins is one of my oldest friends in Durham. We were back door neighbors in American Village when I moved here in 1984  and we collaborated on more than one thing as he describes in his own words below. -JZ

I have been a member of Durham Rotary for 28 years. I joined in 1986 when we met at the Kidney of Durham…I mean the Heart of Durham Hotel. My father was member of this club for about 45 years before he died in 1985. As we celebrate Veteran’s Day today, it is appropriate to note that Dad was the first member of this club to enlist in the US Army after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.  He spent three years in the jungles of New Guinea as a Master Sargent with the Army Air Corps.

Pelham Wilder, who was my father’s closest friend and a member of this club was my sponsor.

During my time in Rotary, I have served as Sgt of Arms, Program Committee Chair and as our working Club Secretary for two years.

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Program Report: Sherry DeVries – Durham Arts Council


Rotarian Indira Everett of Duke Energy presents Sherry DeVries a check for $15,000 from Duke Energy for Arts Education and funding other arts organizations.  Sherry was joined by her staff and board members at the Rotary meeting 

As Barker French introduced Monday’s speaker, Durham Arts Council Executive Director Sherry DeVries, he noted Bill Kalkhof’s presence, explaining that when DeVries was being recruited for the position, he used one of Kalkhof’s famous tactics from his Downtown Durham Inc. recruitment days: French put her in his car, gave her the grand tour of Durham, and basically would not let her out of the vehicle until she accepted the position. After all, DeVries had recently been honored with the Governor’s Award for Arts Excellence in Illinois and was a highly desirable candidate. As she stepped to the microphone, she smiled modestly and said, “I’m glad I said ‘yes.’”

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Foundation Matching Gift

PaulHarrisFellowPinOur Durham Rotary Club has been challenged with a $20,000 gift from Rotarian Carolyn Aaronson to have every member of our club make a gift to The Rotary Foundation during our Centennial year.  Our Foundation Committee will challenge each of our members to do just that during this celebration year and we call on each member to be thinking about and planning just how she/he will meet this challenge.  This is a reasonable goal for our membership and we appreciate Carolyn’s challenge to us for this worthy cause.  The

Rotary Foundation is at the heart and core of what Rotary is all about.  Our club has used matching funds from The Foundation for many international projects as well projects here in our district and each of those projects, both here and abroad, have connected our club with Rotarians around the world and that makes Rotary truly International.CarolynAweb

Our Foundation Committee is currently offering to ALL members who ARE NOT Paul Harris Fellows  a 50/50 opportunity to become a Paul Harris Fellow.  This means that any Rotarian in our club who has yet to meet that goal can do so by making a $500 gift to The Rotary Foundation that the club will match with 500 points.  This is likely to apply to many of our new members.  Additionally, for those members, no matter how long you have been a member of the Durham Rotary Club, who have made contributions to The Foundation but have not met the $1000 goal, our club is prepared to match on a 50/50 basis the amount that said members have remaining in their goal toward Paul Harris status.  This challenge will continue through the remainder of the year. Gifts need to be made by the 15th of December in order to have those gifts credited at Rotary International and applied to this tax year.  Please make your checks to The Rotary Foundation.  Checks can be handed to any member of our club’s Foundation Committee.

Let’s commit to meeting the challenge gift from Rotarian Carolyn.  Let’s all make a difference in our world through a gift to The Rotary Foundation this Centennial Year.

Submitted by Dallas Stallings, Foundation Chair